Changemaker Universe

Several businesses and organization that are part of the Changemaker Universe.

Changemaker is at the center of our universe – a change agency specializing in change management, digitalization and learning processes. We are part of several EU projects and national projects, and believe in the power of collaboration to move forward towards a more sustainable future.

Changemaker Educations is the name of our school – focusing on up-skilling and re-skilling in the digital and creative space. We run schools and educational programs in different parts of Sweden, including Stockholm, Boden, and Gothenburg. We work in close cooperation with the e-commerce, gaming and digital business industries.

Futuregames is a part of Changemaker Educations and the home of our game development educations. Futuregames has been named the second best school in the world for game development studies.

Bar Social is an NGO working for social good, both in Sweden and in Europe.

Our businesses

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