Change comes from seeing things through new perspectives

Everything we do revolves around change and development; be it for ideas, products, schools or businesses. We help our clients to change themselves or aspects of their businesses successfully, by implementing our long knowledge of change methods, leadership and project leading, as well as a deeper understanding of the change process and its different phases.

ChangeMaker AB was founded by Tom Løyche and Per Myrén as a consulting firm in 1998. Tom Løyche is the CEO of Changemaker and an idea driven leader who makes opportunities of reality and reality of possibilities. Per Myrén is Head of Development and a certified firestarter at Changemaker AB. He is a typical jack-of-all-trades, an entrepreneur and a doer.

For over 20 years we’ve helped companies and organizations with tailor made solutions for leadership, team building and change management. We offer workshops and lectures, project leading and process competence, for both businesses, schools and individuals.

Are you facing a new challenge or are you stuck in the same old line of thinking? Contact us and we’ll help you with every step of your change process – from defining the problem you are facing to actually helping you implement a change in your business.

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